Google Sheets

Google Sheets Add-on

Coming soon! Stitch together different Google Docs to create an online book and embed it in your LMS.

Google Sheets

Coming soon! Set up your attendance for the semester and embed it in your LMS.

OSCQR Dashboard
Google Sheets

Award winning rubric and dashboard Google Sheets for reviewing online courses.

Google Docs

Google Docs Add-on

Embed your Google Doc directly into your LMS, website, or CMS. This Add-on let's you choose access permissions and levels of interaction, and then wraps it into nice HTML code that is ready to be pasted.

Google Docs Add-on

Coming soon! A way to quickly access frequently used images in your Google Doc (like graph paper, graphical assests, etc.)

Google Docs Add-on

Built on Open Washington's Attribution Builder, this Google Docs Add-on helps format proper attribution for Creative Commons licenses.

Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome Extension

Whimsical sound effects at the tip of your fingers. Great for for your classroom or office.

Google Chrome Extension

A floating window that intelligently converts math expressions to an image, LaTeX, and HTML. Built on MathQuilla technology.

Google Chrome Extension

A quickdraw container to paste text so that it is stripped of formatting, links, and smartquotes. Text is then stripped and copied to your clipboard.